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Scrap FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • +Where is Envirometal Located ?

    Where is Envirometal located ?

    Find us at 18-20 Strathvale Court, Caboolture, Qld 4510:

    Check us out here

  • +Contact Us ?

    Contact Us ?

    You can contact us by hitting the contact link in the menu, or clicking here
    Or call us direct now on : 07 5499 4632

  • +Do you collect cars/scrap ?

    Do you collect cars/scrap ?

    Yes we do we have a crane truck, a variety of sizes of bins, and a car trailer transporter, we will pay for the scrap we collect-$amount dependent on quantity/quality and location.

  • +Do I need I.D. for payment ?

    Do I need I.D. for payment ?

    Yes as a minimum we will require a form of government recognized photo i.d. for example passport, drivers licence, 18+ card, gun licence etc.

  • +Can I get paid cash ?

    Can I get paid cash ?

    Yes you can, the ATO rules in brief are- $300 per day max up to $3000 per year without an ABN, any amount with an ABN.

  • +Do you sell car parts ?

    Do you sell car parts ?

    Yes we do 2nd hand all makes all models from early 80's to mid 2000's, we can also source new aftermarket parts.

  • +Do you cut new steel to size ?

    Do you cut new steel to size ?

    Yes we will cut, first one free $1/cut after that.

  • +Do you sell steel ?

    Do you sell steel ?

    Yes we do new steel in a wide range of profiles, sizes and gauge's rhs-square and rectangle, flat and round bar, angle, tube, sheet, chequer plate (steel and aluminium), we also have a stock of second had steel.

  • +What are your opening hours ?

    What are your opening hours ?

    • Monday - Friday 7.30am - 4.30pm
    • Saturday - 7.30am - 11.30am

  • +What kinds of things will you buy ?

    What kinds of things will you buy ?

    Anything metal, e.g. Fridges, freezers, swing sets, computer towers, cars, bikes, planes, trains, kettles, cutlery, washing machines, driers, kitchen equipment, sinks, turnings, steel plate, tube, angle, Aluminium, copper, plastic coated copper cable, hot water systems, stainless steel, car batteries, lead, wheel weights, alloy wheels, cast aluminium engine parts, trailers, trucks, catalytic converters, aluminium cans, taps, shower heads, brass, nuts, bolts, screws, nails, water tanks, reinforcing mesh, deformed bar, zinc anodes, zinc sheet, copper flashing, lead flashing, aluminium radiators, copper and brass radiators, propellors, impellors, engines and gearboxes, electric motors, litho plates, water meters, aluminium extrusion, window frames, bull bars, aluminium sheet or plate, old power tools, Air conditioning units, fence wire, lathes, presses, tractors, old farm machinery etc, etc. WE DO NOT BUY GAS BOTTLES OR TANKS, WOOD OR RUBBISH.

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